Star Screen Awards

  17th Annual Star Screen Awards 2011 Star Screen Awards 2011  Star Screen Awards  2011 ceremony held recently in which images we offer you this event 17th Annual Star Screen... Read more »

faiza sami veet celebration

faiza sami veet celebration fashion show Bollywood Events Showbiz Events Read more »

daal palak, Vegetable

daal palak, recipes, Vegetable sabziyan, Ingredients: One pound of spinach, cooking recipes one cup of lentils, salt according to taste, ground ginger, one teaspoon garlic, chopped onions, two critically, a... Read more »

Gram chicken, Murgh chana Recipe in urdu

Gram chicken Ingredients: a pound of chicken, ably picked a white pow, Pakistani breakfast recipes a number of onion, ginger, garlic paste, two teaspoons of food, like tomatoes as... Read more »

Milad-un-Nabi (S.A.W) Kay fawaid – Urdu Articles on Islam

milad-un-nabi, milad un nabi Barakat and necessary specifications and the advantages of Milad-un-Nabi ( S.A.W) Read more »

Women are better drivers than men

Women are better drivers than man An interesting survey of the Western Insurance Company Insurance for women drivers It was a very old argument that women or men better... Read more »

Real life crime stories, boyfriend

sister’s boyfriend When seen from the  since, but crime story, real crime stories, real life crime stories, crime cases, criminal stories, Read more »