My New School, Poems

My New School My New School is very cool it is not a place for a fool. it has many Classes, with many students wearing glasses. Its ground is... Read more »

A Teacher, Child Teacher Poem

Teacher Poem A Teacher Who is a teacher ? A teacher is a friend, On whom we depend, Who nurtures new green sprouts, Leads and encourages, Whenever students have... Read more »

kids poems, Poetry Mum

kids poems, Poetry Mum Mum ! A stroke of life, A ray of light, A sign of hope, A smile of joy, A feeling of love, A thought of... Read more »

Kids poems, Children’s School Poem My Dog

Poem My Dog I have a dog, His name is Roge, He has black and white fur, And he loves playing on the dirt Sender: Mahganj Baloch, Age: 6 Years Read more »

Kids Poems, I wanna Eat Some Meat

Kids poems, I wanna eat some meat I wanna eat some meat, You better not cheat, But give me a treat, Oh my God! Look at your feet, Go... Read more »

Best Friend Poems

Best Friend Ayesha is my Best Friend, She is so cute. I wish God bestows friends, Just like Ayesha, my friend. Whenever I am angry, My friend is always... Read more »

Kids poems, My House

My House I have built a house Without sand and with out water. My mother’s love has created the walls. Its floor and the roof are so strong, Just... Read more »

Kids poems, poets Corner, One Red Bow

Kids poems, poets Corner, One Red Bow One Red bow, Straight as it goes, One woollen ball, First make a Call, One large button, First eat your mutton! Sender:... Read more »
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