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daal palak, recipes, Vegetable sabziyan, Ingredients: One pound of spinach, cooking recipes one cup of lentils, salt according to taste, ground ginger, one teaspoon garlic, chopped onions, two critically, a dining teaspoon minced red pepper, ½ teaspoon turmeric, white zyrh a tea spoon, cut two tiny tomatoes, oil, six dinner spoon recipes-in-urdu vegetable

daal palak, Vegetable sabziyan,
Tip: Wash the spinach and heat on medium hair cut and placed in an open pan of water or dry it out. Wash the lentils and turmeric into a bowl of water to boil, melt, then polished to a slight put the bowl of water, thermal oil in a pan for two minutes to warm up, put it zyrh link bracelet, and the men golden fried onions make. ginger, garlic and red pepper, then add two to three minutes bhunyn put the tomatoes and tomato late bhunyn rot well. Combine lentils and spinach and add five to seven minutes on low heat to keep the tail.

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