hazrat ameer muawiya r.z story in forest


05 AH Hazrat Ameer Muawiya and checkerboard are the sole ruler of the Caliphate . Islamic conquests and sat former klfaءky are living ‘ Uqbah ibn Nafi of Medina, the Prophet ordered to conquer Africa . Hazrat Uqbah ibn Nafi won victories in Africa , came to the Kairouan nothing but a terrible and frightening forest was dangerous animals , poisonous snakes and wild animal habitat gzrnammkn thing was there were humans , animals for years after the contest , but he may deserve much of the population of Aqaba by creating the qyrun an Islamic city had decided to settle . So kdudkal and limitations of RA qyrun been outlined and in the court of Allah prayed and stood on the land spoke aloud three times :
(A forest dwellers we Muslims want to come inside . InshaALLAH . Then coach you all the safe side . )

The whole region was empty . Aqaba when he saw that the field was absolutely empty , then ordered the people you come in the name of Allah …. He settled Kairouan these indicators and the order . Large non-Muslim historian of Kairouan today he was going to admit to Aqaba . Aqaba were children at the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) . The company did not receive “You were martyred in Africa . This amazing event to see a host of people became Muslim .

Hazrat Ameer Muawiya