I love her oh so much, roman poetry


I love her oh so much

I love her oh so much

Throughout my short existence,
I’ve found but one true love,
Someone who fits me perfectly,
Just like a rubber glove.

This person is someone I trust,
Someone who’s always there,
Someone who I can turn to,
Through darkness and despair.

I’ve known since I first met her,
I love her oh so much,
I long for her to love me,
And to feel her gentle touch.

She says that she still loves me,
Yet just wants to be my friend,
But I know that I’ll still love her,
Until the very end.

I wish that I could have her,
As my very own,
But I guess I had my chance,
And I guess that chance was blown.

This girl I love so very much,
Means more to me than ever,
And I hope deep down inside,
That one day we’ll be together.