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kids poems, Poetry Mum

kids poems, Poetry Mum Mum ! // A stroke of life, A ray of light, A sign of hope, A smile of joy, A feeling of love, A thought of kindness, You are all this to me…. Mum! Sender: Syeda Aliza Zaidi, Age: 13 Years.

Best Friend Poems

Best Friend // Ayesha is my Best Friend, She is so cute. I wish God bestows friends, Just like Ayesha, my friend. Whenever I am angry, My friend is always there. She never rest, Until she comforts her friends. Sender: Asia Jan…

Kids poems, My House

My House // // I have built a house Without sand and with out water. My mother’s love has created the walls. Its floor and the roof are so strong, Just like the arms of my father. My sister’s laughter bring joy, Through the…